Cold Light Sources 

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Cold Light Sources
Versatile Laboratory Fibre-Optic Light Sources

Krüss offers three models in its KL series of fibre optic light sources. The KL5110 cold light source is the smallest in the range. This device is very economic and offers good performance for most basic applications. An external power supply with adaptor plugs makes it very versatile. Illumination is through a 7.7V, 20W halogen bulb with a colour temperature of 5500K. The KL5120 introduces brightness control without colour change, again from a 20W halogen bulb with a colour temperature of 5500K. The unit offers automatic voltage switching from 110-230V. The more powerful KL5125 also offers adjustable intensity at a colour temperature of 5500K, but from a larger 150W halogen bulb.

What are the advantages of a cold light source?

The ambition of any scientific examination is to discover some truth about the sample being investigated, but too often the simple act of examination actually changes the sample before the research is completed. A case in point is the examination of biological samples under a microscope, where the radiant energy from the illumination can cause damage and even premature cell death. This problem, particularly noted with old-fashioned incandescent lamps, is effectively solved through the use of a fibre-optic cold light source.

By directing the visible light, without unwanted infra-red (heat) energy, sample illumination need no longer be a trade-off between being able to see the subject and being able to keep it alive. A steady colour temperature is another important consideration for the microscopist, so that delicate fluorescence effects are not altered by simply changing the brightness level of the illumination.

Cold light sources also offer advantages to the cost-conscious and environmentally-aware laboratory, promising long lamp life and low energy consumption with less maintenance requirement and lower power consumption.


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