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High-Speed Polarimeter Series – the fastest polarimeter worldwide

A.KRÜSS Optronic manufactures automatic and manual polarimeters for a variety of functions and requirements.
Instruments in the P8000 series are fully automatic and extremely time efficient. With a measuring time of just one second, they are the fastest polarimeters on the global market. They combine speed with the utmost accuracy and resolution of the measuring results.

They are operated on-site using the touchscreen on the device. The measuring results are stored in a database in the device and can be printed out from an external printer or exported onto data carriers.

The Automatic Polarimeter P3000 also functions fully automatically. It stands out due to its particular ease of use, meaning that even staff without specialist knowledge can operate it. As a result, it is especially suited to use near the production area, for example, in quality control. The results can be displayed immediately in degrees ° or in the international sugar scale °Z.

With the manual laboratory polarimeter P1000-LED, A.KRÜSS Optronic provides a classic device for simple laboratory applications and training. The device provides a cost-effective alternative to automatic digital instruments and facilitates direct experience with polarimetry.

Automatic high-performance Polarimeter
The polarimeter P8000 family

With the automatic digital high-speed polarimeters in the P8000 Series, A.KRÜSS Optronic is providing a device series at the peak of technological development. The extremely fast instruments are the fastest polarimeters in the world with a measuring time of just 1 second! Despite their extreme time efficiency, they achieve high accuracy and resolution.

Features & Specifications
Extremely time efficient
Measuring time of just 1 second: the fastest polarimeter in the world!
Utmost accuracy and resolution
The convenient touchscreen enables complete sample and user management directly on the device. An integrated SQL database for saving data is also included. The polarimeters can be connected to a PC via an Ethernet interface or integrated into an existing network
Complete GLP capability

All devices are fully digital and operated via an easy-cleaning touchscreen using an intuitive menu. The menu language can also be selected as well as the units for the results display. In addition to the optical rotation value in °, the rotation can be determined according to the international sugar scale in °Z, as a specific rotation for a known concentration of the solution or the concentration for a known specific rotation. Finally, freely selectable units can also be programmed such as for determining the molar rotation.

All models in the P8000 family include an internal SQL database in which the measuring results can be stored and managed. A serial printer connection allows for a paper version of the results to be printed via an external printer. Finally, the devices can be connected to the computer or a laboratory network, available in many companies, with an Ethernet cable which is included with all models. The measuring results can thus be kept available and reprocessed as you wish. All devices meet international quality standards and GLP principles.

The basic device P8000 is an all-round device for all analysis tasks occurring in polarimetry. It is generally suitable for use in laboratories in chemical, pharmaceutical, food and drink, sugar and cosmetics industries. In addition to individual measurements, series of measurements with pre-programmed intervals and measuring values can also be carried out automatically without the laboratory staff having to be at the device constantly. Thus, for example, the mutarotation of sugar solutions can be recorded. The measuring parameters can be stored as retrievable measuring methods. The reproducible use of uniform measuring methods for various applications in laboratory operations can be ensured as a result. A variety of user accounts can also be set up if the device is used by several employees. Measuring methods and users are recorded in the database so that all measurements can be traced even when the end uses change.

For particularly precise measurements, version P8100 is available. While the standard version P8000 already achieves excellent measuring accuracy of 0.003°, the P8100 measures to an accuracy of 0.002°.

All versions in the P8000 family are also available in two temperature-compensated versions. They can either be delivered with a PT31 (-T) thermostat or a Peltier temperature control (-PT), where the target temperature is entered directly into the touchscreen and there is no need to calibrate the thermostat.

The devices are low-maintenance. Apart from cleaning the polarimeter tubes after use and occasionally cleaning the device generally, no other maintenance is required. All devices in the P8000 family are supplied with a touchscreen pencil, detailed and easy-to-understand operating instructions and a network connection cable.

With the P8000 family, A.KRÜSS Optronic is providing a series of top-class automatic digital laboratory polarimeters.

In research and quality laboratories, in production control and monitoring product safety, the P8000 with its different versions is a reliable device that enables measurements to be made according to international and legal standards and copes with any tasks that may occur.

Automatic Polarimeter
The automatic high-speed laboratory polarimeter P3000

For tasks where ease of use with an extremely fast measuring time of just 1 second is of higher priority than a large number of decimal places, the fully automatic laboratory polarimeter P3000 is the perfect instrument.

Features & Specifications
Extremely time efficient
Measuring time of just 1 second: the fastest polarimeter in the world!
Accuracy and resolution in accordance with ICUMSA
Cost-efficient automatic polarimeter
Easy operation via touchscreen
Printer interface for GLP-compliant printing

Monitoring chemical processes such as determining concentration levels, purity control and quality control is also possible with the P3000 without any specially trained production staff.

The P3000 is menu-driven and is operated via touchscreen. All device parameters and the measuring result are displayed in the display window. The various functions can be retrieved from the main menu via four buttons displayed with symbols. The laboratory staff is led through the operating menu in either German or English. In practical measuring operations, only the polarimeter tubes with the sample have to be inserted into the measuring chamber and the measuring process started. The measuring result is displayed digitally and can be printed out using the optional printer by pressing a button. The results are displayed either in ° as a directly measured value or in °Z according to the international sugar scale.

The device is supplied with two polarimeter tubes, operating instructions, touchscreen pencil and network connection cable. It is ready to use in “plug and play” manner immediately after installing. Only the empty measurement of the polarimeter tubes needs to be taken in the settings menu. The P3000 can be optionally equipped with a temperature sensor. Apart from regular cleaning and calibration, no other maintenance work is required. Measurement accessories, calibration standards and consumable supplies can be purchased from A.KRÜSS Optronic’s extensive accessories range.

Anywhere where ongoing production monitoring and quality control close to production is required and anywhere that samples cannot just be tested in a laboratory by highly qualified staff but where very frequent measurements of the same type have to be carried out should have a P3000. After the simple setup, the device can be operated by instructed or trained staff. The measuring results that are printed out document the measurements carried out for production documentation in compliance with normal quality management systems.

The P3000 is a production-related companion in chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic or food production.

Manual Polarimeter
The manual polarimeter P1000-LED

Manual polarimetry by all means still has its place in smaller laboratories and in training. With the manual polarimeter P1000-LED, the A.KRÜSS Optronic range provides a classic traditional instrument that no analytical collection should be without.

This rugged unit is mounted on a metal stand. It works on the principle of partial shade and can accommodate tubes up to 220 mm length. The reading is done via the eyepiece with two verniers. Despite the classic design with polarizer and analyzer, the P1000 LED is quite at the level of the time. The light source is a light emitting diode, the light of the sodium D line outputs of 589 nm wavelength and at 500 times longer life compared to your sodium vapor lamp, it also has very low power consumption.

Special filters for LED lighting will provide a very accurate wavelength and good wavelength stability. Each device is tested by certified quartz and supplied with test certificate.

Almost no other instrument is as suitable as the P1000-LED for gaining initial experience with polarimetry and familiarising oneself with the area. The P1000-LED not only has its place in training, however. Laboratories in which polarimetric tests take place rarely, such as physics laboratories or laboratory benches in pharmacies, should also have them.

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