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Density Meters DS7800

Oscillating U-tube technology for reliable measurement

Krüss offers the Density Meter DS7800 that has a compact measurement cell with high resolution, measuring density specific gravity and concentration of liquids of any kind by the oscillating U-tube method. The device allows a cost-effective operation with low wastage of samples.

Features & Specifications
High accuracy and resolution.
User-friendly touchscreen (with six language options), all results and user management can be operated on the device. The unit incorporates an integrated SQL database for storing data, and allows for access via a network or standalone PC.
Cost-effective with low wastage of samples.
Full GLP suitability and NIST compliance.
Integrated Peltier thermostat.

The DS7800 utilizes oscillating U-tube technology – the glass U-tube is monitored through a window to ensure no gas bubble falsifies the results. All important settings are visible on screen and stored in a SQL database (the last 999 measurements are stored). User-friendly, the DS7800 has a selection of programmable measurement units, an integrated Peltier thermostat, a desiccation unit and peristaltic pump. It is NIST and ASTM compliant and has full GLP suitability.

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